Russian stock market ends the environment in a deep red for fear of sanctions

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Russian stock market ends Wednesday in red zone, and on RTS index, and by index Mosberg reduction is a little over 2%. Fear overcomes greed, speculators decided to “medvedici”, reflecting possible new sanctions because of an old incident with Ukraine in the Kerch Strait. Likely, the market will close around current levels 2490-2500 index Mosberg. However, if the fears of speculators do not receive the confirmation, negative attitude will soon come to naught, as the market has a bad memory for bad news.
Oil in the black. Brent gaining more than 1%, and worth $63 per barrel. Apparently this explains the stability of the ruble, which is slightly stronger against dollar and Euro: the dollar/ruble – 65,8, Euro/ruble was 74.3.
The meeting of Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko is unlikely to give information about the single currency. If this is not clear even which countries are covered by this theme – the Union state of Russia and Belarus and the Eurasian Union, i.e., Kazakhstan. We only note that it is logical that a new supranational currency was equal to 100 rubles.
Russia also can carry out the denomination of the ruble of one to 100, returning a penny. Who knows, maybe the plans have with the Bank of Russia. At least, it looks very logical. The last time the denomination in Russia was held on 1 Jan 1998 and was one in 1000.
Alexander Razuvayev,
Director of information-analytical center,