Russian stock market ends the day in positive territory

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By Tuesday night the Russian stock market remains in positive territory. Today’s trading day was non-uniform: initially, the investors were not ready to buy, and vernal background looked too mixed to give a reference point. However, later in plus out of oil, and within the market individual securities took the initiative. As a result, the index Mosberg back above 2400 points.
Further, the term here is vague: on the one hand, for shopping you need a reason, but it is not. On the other hand to sell, too, though not on anything. The market will stagnate in the hallway 2380-2425 points on the index of Mosuri until, until they reach a specific trading idea. The RTS index, in turn, is seeking to 1145 points, but the limits of short-term range remains in 1135-1150 points.
Oil goes local the redemption of previous sales, but the scope of the range of $59,50-$61,50 for a barrel of Brent look solid in order to keep the normal pressure of market volatility. Tonight investors will wait for fresh data on stocks of raw materials in the U.S. from the API, and there may be pleasant surprises for the bulls.
Ruble found support from two sides at once: first, the dollar on the world currency market remains under some pressure because of the echoes of Friday’s statistics. Second, purchases of oil also contribute to the balance of the ruble.
For tomorrow, the Finance Ministry has planned another auction on placement of OFZ. It is unusual: for sale is expected to issue 25083 volume of 16.2 billion rubles figure is non-circular and non-Agency, and issue 29012 with a limit of RUB 5 billion External environment looks smooth, not the most pleasant of auctions, but the Ministry of Finance used to work with what we have. Waiting at the location of the neutral is likely the Ministry will draw the entire amount of funds. This is positive for the ruble.
The US dollar finished Tuesday within 66,20-of 66.65, the Euro will finish the session in the hallway 75,20-to 75.85 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,