Russian banks on the verge of bankruptcy

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Domestic banks, as follows from the materials of the CBR, could make year-to-date (January through August) only 901 billion. It is 9.6% less than in the same period last year.
The reasons for this effect – several. Here are some of them:
On the financial results of credit organizations affected by the indicators of bad banks that pass the procedure of financial recovery through the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector.
Increased costs for provision of work of credit institutions.
Increased balances of reserves for possible losses. So for 8 months the growth amounted to 11.1%.
Not helped the banks, even that they gave more credits. With regard to currency revaluation, the level of lending to legal entities grew by 8.3% to 32,684 trillion rubles, individuals – by 14.1% to 13,893 trillion rubles excluding exchange rate corporate loans for 8 months of 2018 grew by 3.3%, retail – by 14.0%.
And what will happen to our banking sector further?
List some risk factors for Russian credit organizations.
“Internal” factors: the rising cost of borrowing in the domestic market, the further growth of expenses on ensuring work of credit institutions, the further imposition of government banks extrinsic control functions, the inevitable growth of requirements to the size of reserves for possible losses, the high volatility of the ruble, a debt load one part of the population and the decline in the solvency of another, the coming credit crunch, rising loan defaults, a decline in investment activity of Russian companies and entrepreneurs, possible political instability, against the background of worsening poverty and disasters of broad masses of population, etc.
“External” factors: the possibility of imposing new tough sanctions from the United States in November, including new restrictions on payments in United States dollars, the inability to obtain relatively inexpensive borrowed funds on the external market because of the sanctions, geopolitical risk and several others.
the growth of crisis phenomena in the domestic economy and in world, the expenses of the Russian banks will grow, and revenues, on the contrary, to decline. Which will inevitably lead to a further reduction in profits.
Andrew Perekalskiy,