Russia is preparing for the collapse of the global dollar zone?

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In our opinion, this year the gold reserves of Russia constituting on may 1, 1909,8 tons (it grew by 71.6 tonnes in the current year) may reach or even exceed 2000 tonnes. According to this indicator, Russia ranks fifth in the world behind USA, Germany, Italy and France. If we consider the period from 2009, Russia bought even more gold than China – about 1,100 tons.
The BRICS countries have been actively increasing their gold reserves. This clearly has its own logic: more recently, the collapse of the dollar in the world for several currency zones seemed unlikely scenario. However, with the arrival of the White house Donald trump and his policy of trade barriers, the likelihood of this scenario in the medium term has increased. Perhaps in the future there will be a single currency for Canada, USA and Mexico. What will happen to the dollar reserves of the world’s major Central banks, including the Bank of Russia, in this case is not clear.
Ten years ago, during the collapse of Lehman Brothers, financial forums wrote that the old dollars will change to a new ratio for foreigners 1 to 10. And gold in the case of the collapse of the global dollar zone is definitely not a bad way to save your financial assets. Alternatively, you can also consider the company’s traditional economy with large fixed assets and cash flow – “Gazprom”, “RusHydro”, etc. with regard to cryptocurrency, then on this account there are totally different points of view.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,