Ruble: Visit Pompeo and oil supported the course

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Tuesday, may 14, became the present day the Russian ruble. By the close of trading on 14 may, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” fell by as much as 46 kopecks (-0,7%), until 64,97 rubles, and Euro fell even more, by 68 kopecks (-0,93%) to RUB 72,77
The price of a barrel of Brent 14 may rose 1.3%? to $70,33. The growth of prices contributed to the information of the monthly report from OPEC that the participating countries “OPEC” in April has reduced oil production to 30.03 million barrels a day or 3 thousand barrels a day compared with the level of March 2019 Although the decline in production in April was small, but thus OPEC, under the terms of the transaction, “OPEC+” has exceeded our plan to reduce production by 50%. In the morning the price of Brent crude continued a slight increase and increases by 0.08%.
The ruble strengthened against the dollar and the Euro amid rising oil prices, but not only. Yesterday in Sochi came to the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and met with his Russian counterpart, foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, after the meeting Lavrov and Pompeo took Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting discussed the issues of strategic security in the world, including the tensions around Iran and the DPRK, and the military conflict in Libya and political crisis in Venezuela.
Some Western media reported that this meeting was held in anticipation of a possible meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States at the G20 summit, which will take place in June this year in Japan, but the Russian side in forecasts are more careful. In any case, even the expectations of the meeting had a positive impact on the ruble.
The ruble at the opening may continue to strengthen against other world currencies. We’re reducing our Outlook for the pair dollar/ruble to 64.5-65,2 RUB and Euro/ruble – to 72.2 and 73.1 RUB.
Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy head of the “Information-analytical center,