Ruble uses any attempt to restore the positions

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The Russian stock market on Monday made another attempt growth. Index Mosberg, however, remains within the same range of boring 2310-2350 points, so a sharp rise in the beginning of the week little reason, but also to sell also seems to be not on it. The RTS index is trading close to 1200 points, but to stay there maybe for a very long time, then sliding lower, then restoring the position. In General, the beginning of five days is not bad, but enthusiasm is not enough.
The ruble on Monday and then change direction. The day began with a decline in a basket of currencies, in the afternoon, the Russian currency was used any attempt to restore the positions. As a result, the dollar and cross the line at 62.0 RUB those fluctuations to the market not news, mid-term, the dollar/ruble remains within 61,50-63,00. Everything else – the local change of sentiment. On the background of the strong position of the dollar against world currencies, the ruble could fall more, but so far investors have a wide range of drivers, which it can be balanced.
Among the leaders of today’s growth appeared shares of “Sberbank”. This is the first day lifting in the “alicke” after four consecutive sessions of sales. The technical picture shows that an important level of support is the milestone in 220 RUB, the resistance passes for 240 RUB Until the paper is in the range and overcame unimpressive, but if the market crawling higher, shares of “Sberbank” is also tightened.
Today’s rise of shares of “Uralkali” must not confuse: the descending channel, Dating back from the 17th of April, is still in force. The purpose of the sales is located at the level 102,24 RUB, local growth rates may be temporary, the global goal is not abolishing.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,