Ruble: the Negative does not interfere with the enhanced rate of the Russian currency

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The Russian currency continues to respond selectively to received the news, mostly negative filtering. EURRUB fell sharply at the end of trading on Monday, and by mid-day on Tuesday, hovering near 70.50, the lowest levels in the last 17 months. USDRUB is trading around 62.75 have their own multi-month lows.
The growth is the preservation of the world’s stock markets positive dynamics caused by hopes of stimulus from major Central banks. Simply put, the ruble demand, while U.S. indices are storming new heights, and Chinese stocks – is restored after a rollback to the beginning of the month.
At the same time, buyers on the stock markets have become more careful and intraday kickbacks from local maxima in the number.
Today you should pay attention to the oil. On Monday, she came under attack after failing to consolidate above key levels. Brent re-exposed to sale at the rise above $67: the bears don’t let it get above the 200-day average – an important signal level, the resolution of which can enhance purchase. In turn, WTI yesterday, turned to decrease, while trying to climb above 60.
Note that oil often has difficulty with growth in the second half, if rapidly growing. The pressure on oil as well as increased vigilance markets can withdraw from the regime of “see no evil”.
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