Ruble: the center of attention – the results of the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress

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On the global Forex market was relatively quiet. In the spotlight – the results of the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. The final results of these elections can set new trends in all markets, but their results can have the greatest impact on the pair Euro/dollar. It is important to note that in the first place, namely America, and secondly, the Eurozone needs to adapt to the results of the new political alignment in Congress and the U.S. Senate. The volatility of the markets, including pressure on the Euro, very likely.
Political events in the US are not influenced by the pressure on the ruble. Within 30 minutes from the start of the currency section of the Moscow exchange, the dollar strengthened against the ruble by 0.04%, to RUB 66,14 and the ruble has long been steadily ignore external negativity. Today is the last day the big players cut short positions of 5% in the dollar. But individuals increased by 32%, while long positions decreased by 8.3%. Now we need to see what makes a big player in order for him to “sit on tail”. I believe that the dollar/ruble today, the movement will keep about 66 rubles, and Euro/ruble – in the range of 75.00 – 75,50 RUB.
Vladislav Antonov,