Ruble struck back on the dollar

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Thursday, August 29, the ruble finally came to his senses and struck back at the earlier so confident the dollar and the Euro. Argentine and other Latin the negative is gone, and the ruble is an incentive for growth. By the close of trading the exchange rate of the us dollar calculations “tomorrow” fell by 22 kopecks (-0,34%), to RUB 66,58, and the Euro, not leaving a trace of growth on Wednesday, lost on Thursday 31 kopecks (-0,43%), falling to RUB 73,61
The United States and China will resume trade talks on Friday, and the international monetary Fund has allowed China to weaken the official exchange rate of the yuan in response to the increase in duties by the US on Chinese goods. The dollar index DXY against the background of these news went up, however, the currencies of developing countries have also intensified the growing conviction that a trade war could be resolved peacefully and without big losses for the world economy.
Thursday in the oil market was also rise, the price of Brent crude oil rose 0.9% to $60,3 per barrel, breaking the psychologically important level of $60 per barrel. Its role in raising the price of a barrel was played by the data on commercial stocks and expectations of a compromise in the conflict between the US and China. The price of oil in stock is the possibility of growth to $61, but to go back at least to the levels of July, you need to gain a firm foothold in the corridor of $61-62 per barrel, and it depends on the external background and the continued reduction of commercial stocks in the United States. This morning the price of Brent is growing up very slightly, only by 0.03%.
We believe that today at the opening of the ruble strengthening may continue. We maintain our unchanged forecast for the dollar to RUB 66-67, but slightly reduced the forecast for the Euro to RUB 73-74
Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy head of the “Information-analytical center,