Ruble rises against the dollar and weaker against the Euro

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The Russian stock market on Friday morning is traded differently. The RTS index Mosberg added about 0.5%. The weak growth of the major world indices and oil prices supported the market. Brent traded at $71,21 per barrel, up 0.5 percent. In addition to threats of a trade war between the US and China is not yet visible. The ruble strengthened against the dollar and weakening against the Euro. The corridor is expected today on the pair dollar/ruble is 64.4-64.8 per, Euro/ruble — 72,7-73,0. Index Mosuri will hold today’s auction in the hallway 2540-2570 points.
The state of the Belarusian section of the pipeline “Druzhba” satisfactory, elimination of discovered defects they will not require stopping of pumping. This was stated to journalists by the adviser of the President of Transneft press Secretary Igor Demin. Yesterday the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged the government to act decisively in the situation with the pipeline, the need for repairs which arose a year and a half ago.
According to Lukashenko, in Moscow, regularly restricting the export of products from Belarus, “simply arrogant”. In the Kremlin to these statements said that their key does not correspond to the relations of the allied States. We do not think that Russian raw material exports will have problems. A similar situation in relations of Moscow and Minsk visited before. And in this story a lot more Economics than politics. Approximately half of the Belarusian exports to the Russian market for Belarus exports to Russia are critical. In Russia this needs to be understood.
Industry lobbying is a bad adviser in international Affairs. Balaram is not the richest country. It would be, from our point of view, the right to create a new “Slavneft”, uniting the Belarusian transport and refining assets with production in Russia. And then, to place these securities on the Moscow exchange. In General, privatization of Belarusian companies through the placement of securities on Masuria should be a standard practice of replenishment of the Minsk Treasury.
EUR/USD is traded at 1,129. Today you should pay attention to data on industrial production in the Eurozone. Also today will be a speech by ECB Executive Board member Peter Prata. _____________________
Alexander Razuvayev,
Director of information-analytical center “Alpari”