Ruble: New sanctions scare investors even more

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Over the past almost two weeks in the global financial arena is not so much significant change. As, at the time, told John Lennon the biggest changes to occur by themselves and are visible if you at any time look away from your usual paintings.
The last days in America happened under the banner of the corrective movement in the U.S. stock market, which, led by the NASDAQ, partly decreased, but this adjustment was not homogeneous.
It largely touched on those shares, which before the fall had grown at a faster pace, and after the statements on behalf of Donald trump on the topic of media and social networks on political processes within the United States on the eve of elections to the U.S. Congress, began to worry the investors of the sustainability of their dominant position in the market. As we know the address of companies such as Google Inc., Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. received personal warnings about their work in the US for a little exploration, China and Russia, which caused at least a mixed reaction in the markets.
Growth of commodity market is not saved in the last days of the Russian national currency from the Pacific to the devaluation, the ruble in tandem with the Russian stock market fell to almost minimum values in the current year. The reason for this decline are the same reasons as before, namely, the sanctions, the situation with the currencies of the countries sector in developing markets and the overall context of the global financial market.
Opened in Vladivostok, “Eastern Economic Forum” today, intended to demonstrate to the world the global turn Russia to the East and not only East, but to global players of the world market and Southeast Asia, represented by Japan, South Korea and China.
Will the results of the summit of heads of States and representatives of the business world to have a significant impact on Russian and world market will show the time of course, but the route and the scale is impressive.
Meanwhile, in the White House preparing new sanctions against Russia readings in Congress and take a slow start before pre-election race in the U.S. Congress.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,