Rouble under pressure, oil is to the end of the week stabilized

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Russian ruble on Friday well was adjusted to a basket of currencies, but only until such time as the policies in the framework of the Moscow financial forum raised the issue OFZ, risk and demand. The US dollar to date is trading at 69,35 rubles (+0,1%). Euro rises in price by 0.1% and is estimated at 80,57 RUB.
The Central Bank today increased rates of foreign currency for the weekend and Monday, September 10. For the greenback, the rating increased to 77 cents, to the level 69,02 RUB To Euro rate increased 99 cents, to mark worth 80.35 RUB the Bank of Russia today for the first time in the last two years have established the Euro above the psychological mark of 80 rubles.
We receive volumetric flow information from the Moscow financial forum, and the ruble again forced to react. The Director of the Department of state debt and state financial assets of the Ministry of Finance Konstantin vyshkovsky said today that the Agency is impractical to freeze the auctions on placement of OFZ. According to him, such a view is, but the Finance Ministry does not see the need. The vyshkovsky in addition I am sure that Russian OFZ in terms of profitability and risk, are now one of the most attractive instruments for investors, so the demand will always be there.
It is understood that even the very intention of the United States or Europe to return to the discussion of the topic with the anti-Russian sanctions makes investors nervous, despite the constant assurances of the financial authorities that panic for no reason. Once this issue is generally discussed, financial times politicians talk about probable scenarios and possible smoothing actions, then the same case somewhere nearby. The market sees it perfectly. This, in turn, does not negate the fact that BFL is really profitable, but in many cases the risk outweighs greed.
In the oil market today, all more or less stable. Brent crude oil recovers in price by 0.2% and traded at $76,64. The effect of statistical data of energy reserves in the United States already reflected in the quotes, investors are waiting for the evening numbers from Baker Hughes on drilling rigs.
The greenback closes the day within the boundaries of 69.20-69,45, the Euro finishes within 80,40-80,75 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,