Reports of Apple raises a number of questions

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The day will not be eventful, but yesterday’s reports of Apple raises a number of questions. More questions is the reaction of the US stock market on them on them. In fact, the data managed to outperform significantly understated the analysts, but the dynamics of year-on-year depressing. In the 2nd quarter of 2018 EPS of the company stood at $2.30 with net profit of $11.35 billion this year, the company reported $2.18 EPS at $10.04 billion net profit – a decline of more than 11.5%. Curiously, sales of the iPhone only got 48% of the total income.
Thus, the key direction of the company for the first time since 2012 was less than 50% of the revenue for the quarter. In 3 and 4 blocks the situation should improve due to the emergence of new models of smartphones, but the dynamics indicates a shift of focus in the direction of AirPods and accessories the Apple Watch and it says that the company is losing its grip “in the main segment.”
Good increased sales of notebooks, and if the company will make efforts in this direction, they have good chances to compete with “Chinese counterparts”, yet all capture the smartphone market. In General, the company has long lost the leading position in the field of mobile devices, and if the presentation of this year will not show the really breakthrough ideas, the company will face hard times. Meanwhile, Apple shares rose to $218, but they’re unlikely to last. At least keep them in long term portfolio I would not.
In Russia today reported on IFRS Sberbank (SBER). Revenue increased by 16,3% to 250,3 billion rubles in revenue from operating activities in 484,4 billion. EPS was 10.7 RUR per share which was +17.2 percent (yoy). However, this report is not greatly impressed investors, who are still waiting for data from the Federal reserve and preparing to buy from the beginning of a new month.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”