Rate Ripple will move below $ 0.5 dollar and Litecoin goes below $ 120

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The short growth of the major cryptocurrency on Wednesday stopped a corrective upswing was short-lived and prices began to decline amid falling and the major financial markets of the world.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 16.00 MSK on 3 April fell by 0.56% and 12.00 GMT on 4 April amounted to $ 0.5 in market capitalization of $ 20 billion. Litecoin per day declined by 6.85% and stands at 12.00 GMT 121.3 dollars. Capitalization of Litecoin is $ 6.8 billion. Market capitalization of crypto-currencies to 16.00 MSK made 265,6 billion.
As stated on Wednesday said the representative of the Bank of Russia, part of the financial pyramids in the world now disguised as ICO (the procedure of initial placement of tokens), and is an international problem.
In the short term we can expect further decline in rates of cryptocurrencies, most likely, the correction to the recent growth they negate all the rise of recent days. Rate Ripple will move below $ 0.5 dollar and Litecoin goes below $ 120.
Major stock exchanges in Asia on Wednesday finished trading lower. The U.S. index futures are also in negative territory. The falling of the Asian indexes, and futures for indexes of the USA promotes the growth of tension in relations between China and the us. On Wednesday, the US issued a list of 1.3 thousand Chinese products, against which may be introduced import duties. In turn, China’s state Council decided on the introduction of fees in the amount of 25% on the 106 items.
European indices also traded in negative territory. They also react to the worsening of relations between China and the United States. As stated on Wednesday said the press Secretary of the European Commission Daniel Rosario, a European Union will analyze the trade measures of the United States against China on their compliance with WTO rules, as the EU does not support trade measures that run counter to these rules.
However, oil prices also are falling in price – to the level of 67,3 USD per barrel of Brent.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club