Rate Ripple can grow after a dispute with the project R3

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Sales in the cryptocurrency market have been going on, in the red zone are all the top coins except Bitcoin, which added a slight +0.5% over the last 24 hours and is now worth $6325. Better other things are also Stellar coins (+0,12%) and Monero (+0,36%).
Investors abandon investment in cryptocurrency after the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) this weekend made the decision to temporarily prohibit the trade in two cryptocurrency ETN.
Trading Bitcoin Tracker One and Tracker Ether One is suspended at least until September 20. Both instruments are traded and on the Nasdaq in Stockholm, and appeared recently as an alternative to ETF, resolution on trade which while considering SEC.
According to some investors, the decline in the prices of cryptocurrency opens up new possibilities. A new study conducted in July, the investment platform of securities of SharesPost, showed that 72% of the holders of cryptocurrencies are planning to increase their portfolios next year. Data were obtained on the basis of a survey of 2490 retail investors and 528 accredited investors.
However, the situation will largely depend on what the future holds for the market in terms of regulation. If still the clarity is absent, the reduction of capitalization and lack of liquidity will only get worse.
The world has conducted experiments on the creation of the state of cryptogenes and hardly anyone will be able to compete with the power to issue money. Money is always the issue of trust. There is confidence in the currency – it is, according to Marx, the universal equivalent. There is no trust – means is not.
High expectations in relation to cryptocurrency and blockchain logically ended in General disappointment, because very few people were really interesting technology and the end product, most only care about personal margin of investments.
However, there is some positive news. For example, the Ripple project has finally finished a long argument with the R3 project and came to the agreement in the case of 5 billion XRP tokens. The trial lasted a little more than a year, and was initiated after R3 said that Ripple Lab violated the terms of the transaction, in which R3 could buy up to 5 billion XRP at a fixed price of $0,0085 per token until end of 2019.
Further accused the Ripple Labs R3 in violation of many terms of the agreement, and the company has long been in dispute. However, today they issued a press release in which they claim that they managed to come to an agreement, although details of the deal remain undisclosed.
This news can contribute to at least short-term strengthening of tokens with Ripple current values at $0.2674, the first purpose of strengthening will be $0.3550.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”