Rate of gold in the coming days will grow from the actions of the fed

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Stock Markets Group – gold Prices on Wednesday rose slightly as investors awaited the Federal reserve’s decision on monetary policy and press conference, Chairman Powell’s, where you were given clues about future monetary policy.
The rate of gold on the London metal exchange rose marginally to 1431.33 dollars per Troy ounce and gold futures in the US rose by 0.2% to $1 432.
Investors continue to hope for a rate cut to 0.25%, but some predict a decline of 0.50%., to face the challenges for the world’s largest economy from trade and geopolitical tensions.
Recall that this is the first fed rate cut since December 2008 in the midst of the recent economic crisis.
New fed statement on monetary policy, due to be released at 14:00 et, press conference of Chairman Powell at 14:30 should give additional hints about whether the lower rates in the future and how aggressive the policy of the regulator to expect.
The US President Donald trump on Tuesday called for the fed to significantly reduce the interest rate, causing the dollar came under pressure.
The price of gold in the near future may receive significant support because the cheap dollar will push investors to buy more stable assets, removing funds from the U.S. currency.
Igor Gross,
Analyst of commodity markets,
Stock Markets Group