Qatari Fund QIA and Glencore split the share in “Rosneft”

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Swiss trader Glencore announced the completion of the transaction, which he received in the direct ownership of 0.57% of shares of “Rosneft”, and the Qatari Fund Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) became the owner was 18.93% stake in the Russian company. The partners decided to divide the share in “Rosneft” in accordance with the original investment.
For clarity it is worth Recalling that the Russian government owns 50% + 1 share, 19.75% owned by BP. IPO “Rosneft” took place in the summer of 2006, the price of accommodation – 203 rubles, or $7,55. However, to enter the capital “Rosneft” it was possible through the purchase of subsidiaries shares of the company. In the same 2006 there was a transition of “Rosneft” to a single share. However, not all investment funds were satisfied with the exchange coefficients and even threatened to defend their own interests in court, but then realized the futility of this venture.
Perhaps now the share capital of “Rosneft” formed for many years to come. Further privatization of the company definitely isn’t beating with the principles of resource nationalism, which is professed by the Russian government, and in the current geopolitical situation to find a buyer for Rosneft will be difficult, of course, if not to take into account Iran, India or China.
Recently “Rosneft” declared a very generous dividend for the first half -14,58 RUB per share, which corresponds to 50% of net profit under IFRS. However, the cutoff has already passed. The total annual dividends for the shares of “Rosneft”, according to Alpari, should be about 30 RUR per share, so investors can expect about RUB 15.4 dividends in the second half of this year. The dividend yield at the current rate of 3.5% from the IPO price -7,6%. We emphasize that the yield is not per annum, and in six months.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,