Panic sell cryptocurrency, bitcoin loses capitalization

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The cryptocurrency market collapsed after statements by the investment Bank Goldman Sachs that it will not launch its own cryptocurrency trading.
According Libertex, bitcoin exchange rate dropped to 11.00 per day by 8.38% to 6410 $ capitalization $117,2 billion Ethereum by this time have fallen by 11.24% to 227.4 dollars, its market capitalization has reached $23.3 billion Ripple for a day has fallen by 6.67% to 0.28 dollar in the capitalization of $11.4 billion Litecoin by this time, fell by 10.75% to 55.6 per dollar in the capitalisation of $3.2 billion.
However, it is likely that the failure of Goldman Sachs trading cryptocurrencies is only temporary. From 1 October it will change the user more loyal to the market digital assets. In addition, top managers of investigate not just talking about the fact that some of its large customers insist on the withdrawal of the Bank on the cryptocurrency market. It can be expected that after the change of leadership from October 1, Goldman Sachs will once again return to this issue.
In the meantime, the market participants play a negative decision of the Bank. Probably in the short term, the fall of the stock market will continue and bitcoin will go to around 6300 dollars, Ethereum will drop to $ 220, Ripple – to $ 0.25, and Litecoin will go to around $ 54.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club