Panasonic: sales Growth 9%, profits for shareholders increased by 58%

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Panasonic Corporation presented the results of the 2018 fiscal year (with 01.04.2017 on 31.03.2018)
Osaka, Japan – Corporation Rappel consolidated financial results of fiscal year 2018[1].
Panasonic: Рост продаж составил 9%, прибыль акционеров увеличилась на 58%
In the 2018 financial year the global economy showed signs of recovery. In the United States have witnessed a positive trend on the background of steady consumer activity of the population and the strengthening of the capital investment. China’s economy showed growth of exports due to increased external demand. Stable employment, and other factors provided moderate recovery of the Japanese economy.
In these circumstances, the Corporation Raptai implementation of growth strategies aimed at sustainable increase of sales and profits by identifying the so-called “growth areas” in which management resources will be concentrated.
In the direction of b2b completed the restructuring of the company AVC Networks Company, April 1, 2017 was established as a new division Connected Solutions Company. This step should contribute to the development of a new business structure focused on the real needs of customers, which will play a key role in the development of B2B-Corporation Panasonic.
In the segment of automotive systems and components Rapage to increase the volume of its production. The new plant automotive lithium-ion batteries in Dalian, China started production and shipment of products. In addition, Panasonic announced an agreement with Toyota Motor Corp. Co. to explore the possibilities for joint production of prismatic batteries.
In the direction of the housing Rapala company Raphaelson full subsidiary in order to maximize management resources. In the segment of solar energy Corporation Rapala the sale of individual solar panels in addition to the existing practice of sales of PV modules. The company also revised the structure of the release modules, including the completion of production at the factory in Shiga Prefecture.
In the 2018 fiscal year, the Corporation Rapsas increase in both sales and operating profit largely due to growth in automotive and industrial areas.
Consolidated sales in the period rose 9% to 7 982,2 billion yen compared to the previous year. Sales in the Japanese market showed a positive result. Sales abroad also increased significantly primarily due to a major development of the automotive trends (infotainment systems and energy products including rechargeable batteries). A positive effect was also exerted by the acquisitions Ficosaи Zetesи favorable exchange rates.
Operating profit corporations RAPPS 2018 fiscal year increased by 37% to 380,5 billion yen compared with the previous year.
Pre-tax profit increased 38% to $ 378,6 billion yen. Net profit shareholders Panasonic has also increased by 58% to 236,0 billion yen.
Consolidated financial results
Net cash from operating activities in 2018 fin. year made 423,2 billion yen compared to 385,4 bln yen a year earlier. On investment activity was directed 458,8 billion yen compared 420,1 billion last year.
Total assets Panasonic Corporation as of March 31, 2018, increased by 308,2 billion yen – up to 6291,1 billion yen compared to March 31, 2017. Total liabilities increased by 185,8 billion yen – up to 4408,8 billion yen.
Forecast for 2019 financial year
Consolidated sales volume: 8300,0 billion yen (+104% compared to the 2018 fin. year)
Operating profit: 425,0 billion yen (+112% compared to the 2018 fin. year)
Profit before tax: 420,0 billion yen (+111% compared to the 2018 fin. year)
Net profit shareholders: USD 250.0 billion yen (+106% compared to the 2018 fin. year)