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As shown by statistics on exports of goods from January to may, the country was able to earn more than 140 billion dollars. The net inflow thus amounted to 65.3 billion dollars and exceeded by 27% the accounting figures for 2017. Two-thirds of expected exports is the sale of hydrocarbons, including fuel.
What is most interesting, in terms of the supply of fuel to a certain situation with the scheduled renovation of refineries Rosneft sold gasoline by approximately $ 1 billion (cost increased, and the volume is very weak).
Since the beginning of shortages, exports declined by a third, but the oil companies continue to comply with the quotas and sell abroad, so the country needs gasoline. The situation shows a very complicated situation between big business and the government, in fact all work in a strictly defined framework and formally all obligations. But in Russia such a “warm” relationship, starts to “freeze” GDP and the potential benefit from the sale of fuel abroad are not worth even a third of the cost of the government on liquidation of consequences of gasoline “rebellion.”
Ending time of the fuel shortage is already measured in days, but the decline in gasoline prices, the may forecasts, to Sep will create problems not only for ordinary motorists and logistics of goods, but also agricultural work. Companies from the oil sector related to the treatment of hydrocarbons, of course, will appreciate the profit of its shareholders, but other sectors are among those held hostage, so it is time for government to announce measures to operate the refinery did not lead to a shortage of fuel even during the quiet period, because this happens every year and always as the first time.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”