On the Russian stock market continued inactive trades

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On the Russian stock market continued inactive trades. Today the indices are trading mixed, but in General factors that can enhance the purchase of investors on the horizon is not observed. Oil is traded with a downward bias, Asia closed the session in negative territory, Europe is trading in positive territory. Afternoon Mosberg index is trading higher in the range of 0.3% and the RTS lose 0.2% in the context of the retreat of the ruble against the dollar.
In the corporate sector there is no unity. Better the market looked papers of MegaFon, the growth of which exceeds 3%. March 7, the day of the 10th coupon, the company plans to early repay bonds 6-7 series with a total volume of 20 billion rubles. It became known yesterday that “the Megaphone” has placed exchange bonds worth 20 billion rubles at face value with a maturity of 3 years.
Decent demand for shares of “Gazprom” (+2,67%) on reports that the company plans to discuss the prospect of the buyback of shares and global Depositary receipts. We also discuss the question of the acquisition of shares in the authorized capital of “Gazprom Kyrgyzstan”.
Of 1.37% add paper NLMK, in response to positive statements. At the end of last year, net profit of the company increased by 55%. EBITDA grew 37% yoy, and free cash flow increased by 174 million dollars to 1.27 billion dollars due to the increase in operating cash flow by 12%.
Given the negative dynamics of U.S. futures, are now returning to trading after yesterday’s presidents Day holiday, the preconditions for significant improvement of moods in the Russian market is not observed. Pressure on Brent crude has also enhanced quotes again went under the 65 mark and has updated yesterday’s lows.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group