Oil: the US imposes sanctions on Chinese oil company

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Yesterday, the U.S. announced its readiness to impose sanctions against the largest oil company China National Petroleum Corporation for the purchase of oil from Iran through its Bank of Kunlun. The decision came as a bolt from the blue, and the price broke through the psychological level of $60 per barrel Brent.
It is curious that the Russian stock markets did not react to this dynamic. With the opening index Mosberg rose +0,92%, and Russian ruble rises against the U.S. dollar. Perhaps, market participants see the positive in this decision and expect an increase of oil exports from Russia to China that will be able to replace Iranian oil. In principle, the preconditions for this.
In Russia today is interesting to watch the financial results of VTB Bank (VTBR). The Bank promised to increase dividends this year, so the net profit will mean the growth of dividends, which always pleases investors.
In the United States today published the report of Activision Blizzard (ATVI), one of the largest companies in the production of video games. Computer games and eSports have long ceased to be the lot of pupils and firmly took the place in the lives of many adults. Income from directions grow for 5-6 years in a row. But the company had management problems throughout 2018, the year that prevented her from receiving a substantial income. Therefore, it can be expected that in 2019 Activision Blizzard is easily overcome analysts ‘ forecasts.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”