Oil rises on reports about attacks on facilities in Saudi Arabia

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The price of oil on Tuesday have grown relative to the previous close of 1.6% to 71,33 dollars per barrel.
The market of “black gold” continues to get a boost from the news about the attack on the Saudi oil infrastructure. Earlier Tuesday, the TV channel “al-Masirah”, belonging to the Shiite rebels of the movement “Ansar Allah” said about the series of attacks using drones with Yemen on infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.
The Minister of petroleum and mineral resources Saudi Arabia Khalid al-falih confirmed that two pumping stations on the pipeline in Saudi Arabia was damaged in the attack drones with explosives, and the state oil company Saudi Aramco even stopped the flow of oil in the pipeline on the East of the country to assess the damage and repair. However, Saudi Arabia did not interrupt oil production and oil exports.
Thus, oil quotes after a short break resumed growth. This trend is one of the Forex traders Club earned per day, more than 26 thousand dollars by trading in gold futures on the mark Brent.
The Euro against the dollar is adjusted down after attempts to gain a foothold in the area by 1.125. So, 18.39 GMT the Euro declined with the start of trading on the last fixing of between 0.2% and amounted to 1,1205 dollar.
Denis Povtoreiko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club