Oil remains the main benchmark for the Russian stock market

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The Russian stock market closed the Friday trading session higher by 0.8% against the background of decisions on reduction of oil production of OPEC countries including Russia. In fact, as the medium-term and long-term prospects of the Russian market improved due to the OPEC agreement+. Oil and gas company relevant again. Stabilization of oil prices ensures economic growth in Russia. Because of the decline in oil prices and can be no question, but the prospects for growth is still to be determined by the market.
Stock “Gazprom” and “Gazprom oil” the expected increase of +1.3 percent. Papers “Rosneft”, “RussNeft”, “Tatneft”, “Bashneft” on average expected growth of +2.3%. But shares of the company “MTS” will be under strong pressure from the market participants. It is expected that the company will reduce the dividend in respect of provision for fines in the case of corruption in Uzbekistan.
The company’s shares may be reduced to 200.00 rubles per share. Pay attention to company Children’s world, because “AFK System” is the main contender for the purchase of the trading network. The company’s shares could rise to 110.00 rubles. Before the end of the day the growth of the major Russian stock indexes can be 0.6%.
Wall Street closed the week in the red zone. But it is worth noting that the pessimism in the equity markets and high yield bonds is excessive, because in 2019, the probability of a recession is 20-30%, and by 2020 may be significantly increased. The team of President Donald trump tried to protect the negotiations with China because of the growing dispute over the prosecution of the U.S. leader Huawei. IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned of an escalation of trade tensions between the US and China, which could derail the global economy.
Chang Shu says that pent-up inflation in China gives policymakers the ability to soften, while weak trade figures in November, the second largest economy in the world testify to the pressure from the external sector. Many consumers rightly associate company American Express (NYSE: AXP) Mastercard Inc. (NYSE: MA), and it’s safe to say that there is a lot in common. Both companies are working in the field of credit cards and have good opportunities to take advantage of the global war on cash, as more economies move to a more digital form of money and Commerce.
Both companies also beat the broader index S & P 500 YTD. However, despite the fact that both organizations make most of their money in larger payments industry, two companies use two remarkably different business models, each of which has its pros and cons. In General, the shares of these companies will be relevant and their potential growth until the end of the new when and start of the next can be +2.3 percent.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”