Oil prices could collapse to $50 by the fall

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Brent crude, falling under the mark of $60.00 per barrel, was in a very difficult position. The fact that the escalation of the trade conflict between the US and China gaining technological and monetary hints, clearly gives to understand that this fall the oil market can expect the excess supply.
If this is true, but doubt it already almost does not remain, it becomes obvious that oil prices this fall will face a serious decline to $50.00 and below. And here is, perhaps, the main intrigue of the actual oil market lies in the fact that the level of $60.00 per barrel from December 2018 was kind of the main limiting dam. And if we now traded at levels of $between 58.50-59,00 does this mean that this platinum is destroyed.
In the coming days we will get the answer to this question that torments now investors around the world, and while the market will play intra-industry statistics on crude oil inventories in the United States. They will be published today, 7 August at 17:30 GMT, and who knows, maybe this information will be the missing element that will destroy the platinum finally.
Vladimir Khomenko,
CAPT (Center Analytics and financial technology)