Oil prices collapsed and the ruble stood

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Today the Finance Ministry will once again hold an auction of Federal loan bonds. This time investors will be offered securities on the 20 billion rubles. It is twice occupancy, which was done last week. Let’s see if I returned optimism to the market for Russian debt and will carried the entire volume of supply.
Meanwhile, the U.S. currency becomes more expensive in the international currency market Forex. This occurs against the backdrop of the next major locations of US government securities. This week investors will be offered Treasury bonds worth more than $ 270 billion. Almost half of the papers have been implemented on Monday and Tuesday. This provoked the reaction of investors and led to the strengthening of the American currency.
The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange is around 65 rubles 65 kopecks, the Euro traded at 74 rubles 95 kopecks. The MICEX index bounced up to 2330 points, and oil quotations of mark Brent fell below $ 76 per barrel. Bitcoins according to the website CoinMarketCap is located in the area of $ 6500 per unit.
The Russian ruble looks very stable on the background of falling oil prices. Locally support the domestic currency providing tax week. Tomorrow’s exporters will have to pay mineral extraction tax. After that, the chances to strengthen the “wood”. Earlier, we said that it is worth buying the us dollar in the range from 65 to 66 rubles.
Waited for a possible decline below $ 65 on the background of tax payments. However, any attempt to break below 65 ended unsuccessfully. Most likely in late October early November we are waiting for another round of decline of the domestic currency. The first target for growth will be the mark of 67 rubles per dollar, and then there is the chance of strengthening up to 68 rubles.
Gleb Zadoya,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,