Oil prices are rising since the announcement of the next package of sanctions

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Oil is rising since the announcement of the next package of sanctions, concerns about possible problems for Russia, and for the spring political squabbles in the EU. But oil investors in Russia are interested in and the second strategic resources – gas, and here, unexpectedly, the country also gets a “profit”. Gas revolution in the US I’m a little late, so Europe continues to be the most stable of its trade partners – companies from Russia.
“Gazprom” for the first 3 months managed to increase gas production by 7.5%, but investors are more interested in sales and markets, and the prospects of “North stream-2” which gradually starts to overcome administrative barriers in European countries.
Already “surrendered” almost all of Northern Europe, so the prospect to put the squeeze on EU, even with sanctions against European companies cooperating with Russia, moved to the discharge solved this year.
Undoubtedly, the purchase of dividend shares and common securities in the portfolio again makes sense for long-term goals, and speculation on them can earn more than usual. Quotes “heated” and even foreign investors, as it did on Tuesday, with Sberbank and “Gazprom” can be considered the next candidate for the creation of a “bubble” in the near future.
Alexander Grigorenko,
Asset Manager
IR Global Capital