Oil price will rise along with the increase shale extraction

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For the second year oil is experiencing a Renaissance, growing up quotes, increases the cost of oil, companii increasingly their activities in the global market. This can not prevent neither shale oil nor the increase in total production in the United States and Iran, Iraq and Syria, with a larger range. Russia, one of the few countries that fully avails itself of this opportunity to develop on their resources.
The company “LUKOIL” at the event “the investor Day” on Friday made several important statements. The company plans this year to start buying back its own shares for a total of 2-3 billion dollars, which will become a peculiar form of dividends to the holders of securities, and by 2020 there are plans to increase production to 2 times. Also representatives of “LUKOIL” announced the commitment to annual growth of dividend payments and consider the company’s securities are undervalued, even though they are trading near historic highs.
This reaction after several cases of collapse of quotations of the companies after the announcement of nonpayment of dividends is clear. At the same time, it can be noted that shopping facilities in the case of updates to those levels, and a further jerk rates are created today, so bet on all the obvious tool is always current.
Alexander Grigorenko,
Asset Manager
IR Global Capital