Oil price remains under pressure, but experts expect the growth

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The oil remains in the corridor of 60-70 dollars per barrel, despite news, statistics and General movement of the market. Oil front came to the positional battles between traditional producers and shale and this confrontation will continue indefinitely, because the force (working capital) neither one nor the other on a strong move to the left.
Quotes may futures for Brent crude oil in the current time range around $ 64 a barrel, under pressure after the published data from industrial statistics reporting renewed growth in reserves and production of “black gold” in the United States.
This decline has been driven by news that ExxonMobil due to sanctions, the United States decided to withdraw from the agreement with Rosneft for exploration of offshore fields in the Arctic and the Black sea. Of course, it was stated that the withdrawal of the American company for anything seriously will not be affected, but in this case the losses suffered by investors across the market, not just the oil giant.
However, this news did not surprise, they were expecting more since the beginning of the year, so tomorrow the market will begin to regain its positions lost three days earlier. The goal at the end of the day – exit $ 65 per barrel. The trend in poor growth of “black gold” again to resume.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”