Oil is pushing the ruble higher

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Russian ruble on Thursday afternoon in no hurry to give in foreign currencies: the oil is still on the horse, and this means that other factors are of secondary importance. The US dollar to date is 65,77 RUB and decreases only by 0.05%. Euro drops half a percent and is trading at 76,83 RUB Courses of the Bank of Russia on Friday, 28 September, make 65,83 RUB for the American currency (increased by 8 cents) of 77.04 and RUB over the European (reduced by 34 kopecks).
The strengthening of the us dollar on the world currency market of the Russian currency keeps in sight, but does not account for, as the commodity sector continues to use the news to resume the rally. The barrel of Brent rises in price on 0,8%, and costs $81,49, a little more dynamic today increases in the price of barrel of light oil WTI. Yesterday’s statistics from the energy Ministry confirmed the increase in reserves of black gold, but the bidders prefer to ignore this is quite bearish catalyst and put on OPEC.
It is unlikely that today until the end of trading the situation in the world is seriously changed. However, if oil fails to accelerate, the ruble closer to the evening, maybe a few to retreat in tandem with the dollar. The U.S. currency will finish today’s trading range 65,65-66,15, the Euro closes the day within the boundaries of 76,70-77,35 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,