News from Italy have become a “beam” of light for Brussels

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In the EU, enough of the bad news appears every day and so getting the news from Italy has become a “beam of light” for Brussels. Italy finally formed a new government that was sworn in. The Cabinet of Ministers was created within three months after the parliamentary elections, unexpectedly confirmed a new trend in politics.
“Eurosceptics” and again the nationalists are gaining votes, than to have to put up the EU, but major shocks in the near future we expect the Eurozone economy. The demand of the new government of Italy sent to Brussels earlier, in fact, gives an ultimatum to the ECB and the Commissioner is to cancel the foreign debt of 200 billion euros, to give room for manoeuvre in domestic economic policy and to cancel sanctions against Russia and Iran. Initially, only Russia, but in the light of the demarche of the U.S.-Iran deal on the agenda and hit Iran.
Thus, in the short term, curtailing the political crisis in Italy will strengthen the economic positions of the EU and the Euro, in particular, but in August-September crisis between the new government and Brussels will lead to further shocks in the economy. If you will be charged the debts, you will have to write off and other “old” EU members and “new” users. If you will not be charged, then Italy will launch its Atexit. If the adoption of the paragraph on sanctions, the industry and/x Italy will continue to stagnate, and in its decision will have to be explained to US.
Too many contradictions revealed in previously stable work of the EU economy, therefore the global weakening of the Euro to the position of January of this year, in late summer becomes a real forecast. 67-68 rubles – these items will be achieved due to problems in the EU, but also because of the end of the policy of devaluation of the ruble by the Russian government, as well as the growth of exports over imports excess of the plan (7% of forecasts the beginning of the year) and beginning strengthening of the domestic currency after the world Cup in 2018.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”