Moody’s: global recession is very likely

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The world economy is likely to fall into recession if the US and China reached a trade agreement in three months, said CNBC senior economist at Moody’s Analytics mark Zandi. We fully agree with this point of view.
While the global recession is likely to lead to a serious fall in world stock market. The stock market always looks at future profits. S&P may eventually reach our bearish target at 1800-2000 points. The risk of recurrence of the 2008 crisis is very high.
Do not forget, in the United States are related to companies ‘ capitalisation and consumer confidence. However, perhaps China, in principle, not against this scenario. The global financial crisis may deprive US of a controlling stake in the global economy and the US dollar status of world reserve currency. In this case, the global economy will also increase the status of the BRICS and especially China.
Alexander Razuvayev,
Director of information-analytical center,