“MegaFon” monetizing the digital world

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Today it became known about the creation of “MegaFon”, “Gazprombank”, Russian technologies state Corporation and USM Holdings joint venture for the development of digital services and projects in the field of digital economy. JV JSC “MT Technology” (“ITF”) will be established on the basis of Mail.ru Group which is one of the assets of MegaFon. The latter will contribute to the SP 500 11 100 shares Mail.ru Group (58,87% of those voting). In turn, “Gazprom” will acquire from subsidiaries of MegaFon 35% of shares of “ITF”, USM – 9%, rostec – 11%.
Apparently, this deal was planned MegaFon informed. A year ago, “the Megaphone” has increased its stake in Mail.ru Group to 15.2%. Then was announced the strategy, implying the growth of related Telecom lines of business. Last year MegaFon launched the tariff line “jump!”, based on the study of “big data” users.
As the main partner of MegaFon in SP will perform Gazprombank – the third largest Russian Bank. For the Bank it will give access to the user database “MegaFon” (77 million subscribers) and its group of companies Mail.ru (social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”). For example, on the basis of the profile in social networks to provide consumer micro-loans up to 20 000 RUB for the shopping with Alibaba or sell insurance or mortgage products by “Gazprombank” in the salons of cellular communication.
For “Megaphone” the transaction – the possibility of monetization of the business. From the sale of shares in “MT Technology” he will receive a $of 247.5 million of the joint venture of Rostec adds solidity to the project. MegaFon already has experience with Rostec companies cooperate in projects from the field of industry 4.0 – the Internet of things, surveillance systems, and automated control in industrial plants, unmanned vehicles.
For high-tech companies in the monetization business is the cornerstone. So, for us social networks Facebook, Twitter the most important parameters are the number of active users and advertising revenues. Russian IT companies have also learned how to make. For example, Yandex is actively developing contextual advertising. Another method of monetization is the creation of digital Finance platforms. In this direction have already succeeded Softbank Japanese and Chinese financial platform WeChat. Will do if on this path of success Mail.ru Group – time will tell.
Roman Tkachuk,
Senior analyst,