Labor day in America: what comes after?

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Expectations of global investors, despite some softening of the basic conditions for negotiations between the US and China, have not been confirmed. Donald trump throughout last week reported that talking on the phone with China, but Washington has not cancelled the new foreign trade duties.
So that the conditions for further military actions become more violent: on 1 September, the US and China raised the import duty on the goods each other.
Meanwhile, there are mixed economic data on manufacturing activity in the first place is for China. So, index PMI in the manufacturing sector of this country, surprisingly, global investors increased from July’s level of 49.9 points to 50.4 points. It is noteworthy that, according to the Reuters poll, most analysts and international economists predicted a decline to 49.8 points.
Recall that the PMI index below the 50 points reflects contraction of economic activity in the country. If it is above this value, it shows the growth of economic activity. In addition, the increase in price index occurred in Spain, but because today in America festival, labor Day, the data will not have much impact on global markets.
In the United States again to discuss the theme of anti-Russian sanctions. It is highly likely that they will tighten because of “the annexation of Crimea in 2014,” as stated in Warsaw this weekend the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry. He also noted that America will try to help Poland and Ukraine to reduce dependence on Russian gas.
This week we will see the macroeconomic indicators of the countries of the European Union. In America the representatives of regional financial regulators and will be published Beige book. On Wednesday in the US outlined several important speeches: President FRB of Boston Eric Rosengren, President of the new York Federal reserve John Williams, President of the Federal reserve Bank of Minneapolis Neil Kashkari and President of the Chicago fed Charles Evans.
In General, the entire week will be full of data on the state of regional economies, it will affect the overall degree of sentiment among global investors. While in America and Canada, output, I recommend to follow the news and risks.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”