Kriptoloji: where to buy Ripple

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On Tuesday, September 25, the average market exchange rate of bitcoin fell to $6412 per day the price dropped to -3,63%. Sale in the market also affected Ethereum (-9,52%) which reached $212,28, and leader of the recent rally, a cryptocurrency Ripple.
The token Ripple XRP lost -18,02% per day, and achieved at the time of preparation of the review $0,4509, closely approaching an important support level 0,4278, about the possibility of the realization of this scenario we wrote in yesterday’s article. With these levels, from the point of view of technical analysis, it is possible resumption of growth coins XRP with a goal of $0,6500.
The fundamental reasons for the growth of Ripple coins can serve the news about the readiness of the technology implementation xRapid. xRapid allows you to make international payments in minutes and gives financial institutions a turnkey solution for improving the speed and liquidity of cross-border payments.
Have already confirmed a willingness to use xRapid cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Bitso and This will enable companies to not only increase the speed of cross-border payments, but also reduce the cost of such transactions.
Mercury FX provides a service for currency exchange and for international transactions, is also among the participants of the recently completed test and naming speed product “incredible.”
New crypto currency exchange VCTRADE Japanese company SBI Holdings is also planning to join xRapid to help financial institutions to send cross-border payments.
Also xRapid will use the company Cuallix. It works in the USA, Mexico and Hong Kong and gives an opportunity to its customers to make international payments without the banks. The geography of participants of a new product from Ripple includes Canada, their participation in the project has confirmed the canadian cross-border payment company Zip Remit as a long-time supporter of XRP.
Although the attitude of the crypto community to Ripple rather ambiguous, since it is a centralized cryptocurrency issued by a private company, which is contrary to the idea of independence from regulators and other principles of crypto-anarchists, however, assessing it from the point of view of the product and its application, the Ripple has gone far ahead of their competitors. Leaves no doubt that users will choose a convenient, fast and, importantly, cheap transfers from Ripple.
Now the technology test company IDT, MoneyGram and Cambridge Global Payments. Given the broad application prospects xRapid, has all the chances to see a rise in coins XRP 30-40% from current levels. But investing in crypto currencies is acceptable only for those who are willing to long-term transactions, and certain risks. To call cryptocurrency reliable and safe tool for the investor is not, and is unlikely to in the near future we can.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”