Impact on the Russian stock market had the shares of the company “Yandex”

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The Russian stock market is under pressure from both the oil sector and activity of major market participants in certain issuers. A strong influence on the Russian stock market had the shares of the company “Yandex”, which dipped by 18%. The catalyst for such a large-scale exit of investors from this action was the news that Sberbank planned to hold at least 30% stake in the company.
This indirect state control can negatively affect the entire ecosystem of Yandex, because owning 30% of shares entitles the shareholders to ten votes, while state Bank “Sberbank” can obtain control of the company. That will lead to a reduction of the staff and users. But we have to remember that at Sberbank and “Yandex” there are already joint projects. Since 2012, Sberbank owns a 75% of the service “Yandex.
Money,” and this year it was announced Internet-store – “Yandex-Market”. After such significant sales of shares of the company “Yandex” became interesting to investors who previously did not have time to get into paper, and now they have a great chance to take advantage. Active buying up of actions began from the prices 2011,0 rubles per share. The level 2000,0 met in the month of may this year and is an absolute excellent support, from which you should buy shares.
The growth potential of the paper can reach 2200,0 and above. As for the oil sector, while to enter the oil and gas companies makes no sense, because the situation with the Middle East remains in question until at least November 4, 2018. If the issue of compensation of Iranian oil will be resolved, oil prices may be adjusted down, and now, the big market participants still cautious regarding important investment decisions about oil and gas sector.
American stock market closed in the red zone under the influence of the season of corporate reports of U.S. companies. Also the growth of U.S. Treasuries has led some investors to withdraw from riskier issuers and to buy “Trigeris”. On the other hand, on the background of wild oversold some shares deserve attention. But the results of the good corporate reports, some companies continue to growth. You can highlight few of them: Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ), which has a growth potential of +1.4 percent. Merck & Company Inc (NYSE: MRK) may be added at +0.2%, and Exxon Mobil Corp (NYSE: XOM) has a chance to grow by 0.5%.
Shares of Tesla can be re-interesting the major players. Tesla Inc. started to sell a cheaper version of its sedan Model 3 on Thursday, but the price is still higher than originally promised, and Federal tax benefits that can reduce the price up. “The new version features a new battery mid-range and a starting price of 45,000 dollars, is $ 4,000 less than the previous starting price is 49 000 dollars. For more than a year the company was touting a possible model “S” with a base price of $ 35,000, which will be accessible enough to please the masses, but still we have yet to see concrete steps in this direction. However, the price at which the shares of the company of interest to investors is at a price level of $250.00 per share.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”