Goldman Sachs recommends investing in oil, gold and industrial metals

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Goldman Sachs presented the top 10 trading ideas for commodity market to 2019, while noting that there are extremely attractive opportunities for opening long positions in oil, gold and base metals. Analysts of the Bank called “unprecedented” the fact of falling prices of all asset classes without a recession in the economy.
If the forecast is probably the most respected international financial services company, will come true, it is very good for Russia, for which the level of commodity prices is much more important than sanctions. And the sanctions we have some strange – greed wins periodically Russophobia. A week ago “Gazprom” has placed Eurobonds with a volume of € 1 billion maturing in 2024. Yield of 2.95%. The main organizers were Gazprombank, JP Morgan and UniCredit. Investors from USA, Europe, Asia. Bonds are already trading close to par.
It would be wrong, however, from our point of view, against a rate hike by the US Federal reserve and the expensive dollar are expensive commodities can not be. Plus, we believe that 2019 is very likely to collapse on the U.S. stock market and, as a consequence, the sale of raw materials, stocks and currencies in emerging markets. So let’s see who is right – Alpari or Goldman Sachs.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,