Goldman Sachs: bitcoin exchange Rate has a high potential to fall below 6 000$

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoin exchange Rate can fall below $5 922, this forecast was made by experts of the technical analysis of Goldman Sachs in his next release, distributed to customers of the Bank.
Analysts expect that and other cryptocurrencies haven’t reached the minimum values and have the potential to fall below the February values.
In the report, which was received by the Bank’s customers on Sunday, said that the bitcoin exchange rate expects a new wave of recession, which will be completed below the previous $6 000 per coin.
Now the price is above short-term support at $9 210 however, if it is broken, Bitcoin will rush with a new power down.
According to a release, investors should watch the bitcoin exchange rate and be careful, because BTC/USD has potential for a deeper drop.
The next support level is around $7 198 – $7 667, and after overcoming it, a new minimum is reached.
Head of analytical team at Goldman Sachs today is Sheba Jafari, who is known for his criticism of bitcoin since July of 2017. It was then that he predicted for the asset level of $4 000 to the end of the year. When the prediction is wrong, but at $7 000, the expert revised his expectations to $8 000, where bitcoin did not stop for a long time.
I wonder what the Bank had previously provided its forecasts as warnings customers from rash transactions with digital assets in order not to have problems with borrowers.
However, each time distributed Analytics becomes more and more similar not to the criticism and concerns, and reasonable recommendations.
That is, the recognition of the cryptocurrency market new investment platform, or attempt to remain competitive in the digital age?
Perhaps the first and the second, because attention to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from clients of Goldman Sachs over the last year have increased many times over, fear of losing them, probably makes the banking monopoly to stay in trend.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™