Gold rushed to around 1315$ waiting for decisions in Washington

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Interest risk in world markets remains, the USD bulls continue to attack, the hopes for progress in trade negotiations, the U.S. and China are growing stronger. On the agenda again, you may receive the meeting, trump and si. What results will bring the talks this week will depend on investor sentiment and future expectations for the dawn of 1 March.
Despite the widespread optimism, gold has resumed its growth after the local drawdown on Monday. Quotes again held above the level of $1300 and aspire to the level of $1315, which acts as resistance last week. The absence of pronounced signs of bearish correction metal, despite the strong dollar, says that among investors there are still doubts about the resolution of trade dispute between the two largest economies in the world.
An important risk factor for gold this week is the political situation in the United States. Congress reached agreements in principle, avoiding a return to the shutdown of the government. The text of the agreement can be made public on Wednesday. If the final vote to reach consensus, resolve political tensions in Washington will add optimism is not only risky assets but the dollar.
In this case, the precious metals may be affected and fall under the psychological mark of $1300. Thus in a broader perspective the fracture of the upward trend of gold will prevent the continuing concern about the pace of global economic growth.
Michael Mashchenko,
Analyst social network for investors
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