Gold: Investing in the metal remain on the rise in 2019

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Gold is a safe-haven asset, and often the cost of it rises when investors fear to invest in risky assets such as stocks and currencies of developing countries.
Investing in gold is a profitable and reliable investment idea, because despite the high volatility, in the long term, gold will rise in price. This type of investment is suitable for people who want to minimize the risks associated with geopolitical and economic situation, since gold has no reference either to geographical position or to the currency of a particular country.
To invest in gold in several ways:
1. Depersonalized metal accounts in banks: it should be noted that this type of deposits not insured by the Deposit insurance Agency.
2. Investments in gold bars and coins: they can also be purchased at banking organizations.
3. Investments in the financial markets: commodity exchanges provide an opportunity to invest in precious metals without having to physically purchase the asset, trading with derivative financial instruments.
At the moment, gold has considerable potential for growth in the medium term. Today, one Troy ounce is trading at $1310, and moves upward to the nearest local maximum of $1350, which was recorded on February 20.
Oleg Bugulov,
Practicing trader-analyst,