Gold in international markets actively buying up Russia

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Recent years, the Central Bank actively buying gold. In 2016, was purchased 201 tons of gold, in 2017 had bought 223 tons in 2018 274 tons. Only for the year 2018, the CBR has bought almost as much gold as was produced in the country over the same period. For 2018, all the world’s Central Bank bought 651 tons of gold. In other words 41% of the total gold purchased in the world for a year, bought our CB.
And the question arises: why our Central Bank is systematically buying so much gold? The answer to this question lies on the surface, if you look at history, we see that the largest reserves of gold were the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union before the First and Second World war. With modern systems defeat the enemy, it is difficult to imagine something like that now, but today, this precious metal is a reliable insurance policy in case of further development of “hybrid wars” and the like.
Starting in 2014, the United States and the “To” repeatedly imposed sanctions over the Kremlin’s efforts to conduct a sovereign policy. They cut Russia out they have created the international financial system. However, the experience of Iran shows, no matter how undemocratic, evil and all around bad you did not named the tyrants from Washington. For the gold you’re will to trade and you all will be happy. And no matter what someone labeled as “the bad guy”.
And Moscow it takes into account so systematically “vacuuming” the gold in their reserves. Buying gold is the best, undisputed step of our Central Bank in recent years.
Alexey Ignatenko,