Global markets froze in anticipation of something significant

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Global markets froze in anticipation of something significant. Fire in Paris brought down the spire of one of the most famous buildings in the world – the Notre Dame Cathedral. Unfortunately, I think this is a sign.
Trading on wall street yesterday passed without intrigue. International investment banking conglomerate Goldman Sachs has provided a positive report for the first quarter. However, most equity analysts found that the largest creditor of the world showed mixed financial results.
This report, which was even better than expected, can be called a litmus test for the General mood of the us stock market. Of course, everyone is waiting for the outcome of negotiations with China, the delay of which is disadvantageous to America.
Foreign trade transaction was to take place a long time ago. Because of transfers there are rumors that the process is much worse than telling US. China wants to close the deal by changes in the functioning of its economy. According to representatives, signing of any agreement will not satisfy some people. This confirms once again that China will always pursue its own interests exclusively.
Earlier this year China promised the U.S. to stop subsidizing its domestic industries, but details how it will happen and in what time frame, not reported. However, the U.S. delegation still eased requirements to China about limiting industrial subsidies – it was one of the conditions for the conclusion of foreign trade transactions. Thus, the world continues to follow China and the United States.
In addition, global investors interested in the corporate reporting season. This week, the report will present such monsters of the American economy, as Bank of America, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, IBM, United Continental, PepsiCo, Honeywell and Alcoa.
Wednesday will be published data on China’s GDP, the inflation rate in the European Union and data on the trade balance of the United States, which will play a role in shaping the outcome of this week at the global capital market.
________________ Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”