Global equity markets face perfect storm

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Global equity markets with a high probability of face the perfect storm. The growth of return on bonds makes stocks not particularly attractive asset in the eyes of investors. Especially high risk in overvalued securities, for example, Facebook or Tesla.
Sale of shares in the United States cause the collapse of equity markets around the world. Of course, in any market, including in the US, there is always fundamentally cheap assets. Analysis of assets using a discounted cash flow model has not been canceled. However, it is likely the sale will affect most securities.
Fundamental undervaluation will not save investors. Will lose everything. Including holders of Russian shares, which in terms of foreign policy crisis relate to risky and speculative assets. In this situation, I would have closed all positions and went to cash. The market dictates the need to take profits. Just cache, no bonds, crypts and other new-fangled toys for the creative class.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,