Geopolitics affects the global economy stronger

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The main nyusmeykerom to continue sales of the ruble and ruble assets were recently the President of the United States. Trump, who promised to think about the situation in Syria and the response to the use of chemical weapons by Assad’s forces, has published a message to the Russian side urging them to prepare to repel the American missiles.
Apparently realizing the imprudence of such a passage, followed by followed by a message that trump recognizes the absence of reasons for the bad relations between the US and Russia and calls to end the arms race. However, subsequent comments from overseas were able to “defuse the situation”.
First and foremost, that the following statements trump already 40 minutes after the first. But the head of Pentagon said that the United States is still studying the evidence of chemical weapons in Syria, so the decision on military action is not accepted. Finance Minister Minuchin noted that the ban on buying Russian bonds is unlikely, which means that today the debt securities should rise in value, continuing a trend of the recovery.
Unfortunately, geopolitics affect world economy stronger, and the results statements of the company are not for investors with a measure of its successful operation. Success is now to determine the policy at the place of formation of the product or of residence of its employees and accounts used only to establish the fact that the company operates.
What is nice is the specificity and the impact of geopolitical factors, i.e., long-term relationships to break is not easy. In addition, changes in one sector are pulling for the other, which leads to the impact on all parties involved in the market. For example, possible changes in the market of phosphates of the EU in the coming years will make the entire market of agriculture is fully dependent on supplies from Russia (Morocco provides different type), and blocking of transactions for the purchase of hydrocarbons, the EU could lead to a crisis in its economy and the translation of trade into rubles. The overall trend for the value of the ruble, despite geopolitics and the work of the Ministry of Finance, remains in the direction of strengthen, therefore, the restoration of its value against the dollar and Euro in the nearest future.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”