Gazprom shares on Tuesday rose 1.5% in leaders of falling MTS

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The Russian stock market on Tuesday was trading with a constant change of mood. As a result, the index Mosberg remains in the corridor 2250-2300 points, and attempts of growth of the ruble indicator do not look impressive. Intermediate support levels are on the 2275 and 2260, respectively, the resistance is about 2300 points. The RTS index on Tuesday received support from the strengthening of the ruble, but to count on the support is entirely not worth it: geopolitical risk has not gone anywhere. The RTS index protorguetsya in the coming days in the range of 1235-1270 points.
Shares of MTS (of-2.1%) on Tuesday was among the outsiders, korrektiruete after two days of growth on the corporate news. Meanwhile, in the previous wave of the shares and failed to leave the “stub” 306,98-320,00. Now the paper is exactly in the middle, in the next session here will be consolidation. The long-term trend in the shares of MTS remains on the upside with a target of 335 RUB.
Paper heavyweight Gazprom (+1,5%) regain their positions after Friday’s failure. The correction is progressing well, and if external background will allow, the paper soon stabiliziruemost within 141,17-143,15 RUB.
In more peaceful times, the ruble would be more carefully played the rally in crude oil, but while the actual sharp dialogue of Moscow with London, admirers of the Russian currency in no hurry to take risks. The US dollar today remained within 57,50-of 58.00 RUB, but amid a new wave of strengthening of the us currency in tandem with the Euro in its position against the ruble could be more impressive. Here everything is difficult: on the one hand, rising raw material that is supposed to push up the ruble, on the other – growing in anticipation of the decisions of the fed dollar.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,