Former PayPal CEO: Bitcoin is a Scam!

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A week after my analysis of the situation cryptorhynchinae two leading coin “was released in the specified area of the playing with fire”. The bitcoin eve again exceeded 9000, and the stock market added to its value more than 100 billion dollars per week and was encouraging to his supporters. If you look at who “lit the match news”, among them obviously and bill Harris, former CEO of the largest electronic payment system PayPal, said briefly several media outlets: “Bitcoin is a Scam!”
Three words, but said in the right moment, became a “signal flare” for the “bulls paddock” mentioned a week ago the trap on the 9500 and the beginning of the “meal choice bears.” Huge, “Kalmanovich” type rising wedge is the fact that not studying in the right plane technical analysis and even “do not touch” in business schools, respectively is the fact that he sees the “crowd” constantly giving bilateral projections and “rampant growth when entering new frontiers” and of course “fall in the alternative”. This is the most precise weapon of the model “Remington Fireball” in the hands of only 5% of the market – the large capital.
The shots in Dallas forced the crowd to “stand still and open their mouths”, and quietly took advantage of the killer James Faylz, wearing hat and coat and escaping out of sight with the weapon in the briefcase “as a businessman, returning from lunch”. As it is, isn’t it, like absolute confusion 95% of market participants are “caught” with their plans and hopes, as well as standing on the sidelines “yawning” and not knowing what to do, investors from the start of the brilliant attack “of the killer whales”.
The situation with Ethereum also uncontested merciless- “the crowd” also saw a growth in the absolute weakness of the coin. Well, the burghers-merchants say: “Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!” “Hope dies last!”
Alexey Fedorenko,
Asset Manager