Forecast of bitcoin on October 30, the Price reached 2-week low

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After a minor consolidation, bitcoin exchange rate again went down, now he felt low, which was the last time we saw a fortnight ago. This event coincided with the publication of data that the security for the exchange MapleChange from Canada not cope with the break-in, resulting in some customers have discovered the theft of bitcoins and some altcoins.
MapleChange announced that will find opportunities to compensate for altcoins, but for LTC and BTC – these coins seem to will not be compensated. And although the volume of lost funds are not so great, the fact that another hacking kryptomere plays the role of an additional element of pressure on bitcoin.
Minus 66%: the fall in revenue for the last quarter was recorded by the exchange Coincheck, which is in Japanese jurisdiction. If we talk about specific amounts, from 8.4 million to 2.8 million dollars. In January, the local regulator banned entry to exchange funds from new users, which led to such consequences. And the ban, in turn, followed the hacking of the exchange, when the security system failed to protect customers money from theft.
Technical analysis at around 6520 has been some source of support, which was overcome with the ensuing descent to 6330. At the moment bitcoin is approximately in the middle of the corridor, the formation of which was noticeable even in the last month. In case of breaking 6200 can be predicted by the desire to 5900. Reversal and growth to 6520 can happen a basis to continue up to 6650 and on up to 6800.
Прогноз биткоина 30 октября: Цена достигла 2-недельного минимума
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