For 20 years, gold has risen almost six-fold

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For 20 years, gold has risen almost six-fold, from 256 USD in July 1999 to 1427 dollars per ounce in July 2019. early this year there was an increase of 17%. And in the beginning of the month the price of gold exceeded the important psychological mark of $ 1,500 per ounce and reached a six-year high. This August jump was due to the devaluation of the RMB, the interest rate reduction by the Fed, and, in addition, supported by the worsening of trade relations between the US and China. And raise prices further this year to 1600-1700 dollars per ounce is to be expected.
Analysts Yunitrast capital clarify:
“Investors should understand that behind the big rise may be followed by the fall. For example, after the highs of 2011, we observed a prolonged decrease in prices during the four years up to 2015. of Course, investment funds in precious metals to protect capital is justified in the long term. No wonder the Central banks of many countries, including Russia, in recent times, buying gold bullion: the instability in the world is a good way of saving money. But at current prices for quick and big profit can not count”
Another point on which experts Yunitrast capital suggest to pay attention to difficulties with secure storage and selling bullion. Thus, the purchase of precious metals is engaged in fewer Bank branches than their implementation. As to the appearance of bullion and certificates on them high demands. The output in this case, the opening of a depersonalized metal account in a Bank that is trustworthy.
Those looking for a more profitable and less risky ways of investing in 2019-2020, can pay attention, for example, auctions in bankruptcy. While this is one of the most profitable investment options. For example, the contribution of funds to a major player trades who thoroughly understands this area and can yield up to 36% per annum. You can reach more high interest rates — roughly around 50%. However, in this case, we need not only an impressive initial investment, but also a comprehensive immersion in the subject.
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