Financial markets are cautiously looking at trump, China and OPEC+

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The world stock markets on Tuesday 19 June was dominated by negative sentiment. Investors fear a new wave of trade wars after trump instructed to prepare a list of Chinese goods in the amount of $ 200 billion for a possible introduction to them for additional import duties to 10%, if China will continue to raise duties on American products. Of Commerce of China, in turn, qualified the actions of the US blackmail and promised to give a hard answer.
As a result, U.S. stock indexes in early trading day in the US was down 0.5-1.1 percent since the start of trading. Western European markets in the evening was down 0.4% to 1.2%.
The Russian market decreased on Tuesday on the background of falling demand for risky assets due to the increase risk of trade wars. The decline in the oil market and
the ruble exchange rate against the main reserve currencies added pressure on the market value of Russian assets.
The largest decline was NLMK shares (-8,1%), which were traded on Tuesday without dividends. Cheaper paper “Mechel” (4.7%), MMK (3.5%), Raspadskaya (3.3%).
Increased shares of “M. video” (2.2%), “ALROSA” (1.5%), Rosneft (1.4%).
In General, the ruble indicator Masuri to closure decreased from the start of trading on 0,05% – to 2221,42 points, the RTS index – on 0,34% to 1096,92 points.
Expect the next auction index Mosuri will hold in the range of 2170 -2270 points, and RTS – in the hallway 1085-1115 points.
The ruble lost tonight to the dollar and stabilized the Euro amid falling global markets on the risk of trade wars, but also because of the weakness of the oil market. Expectations OPEC’s decision+ according to the parameters minimizing the transaction to reduce production creates a negative background.
The dollar 19.24 MSK increased by 0.5% to of 63.79 ruble, the Euro by 0.03% to 73,80 of the ruble. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range of 63.3-64.3 rubles, euros – in the corridor of 73.2-74.4 ruble.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club