Fears in global stock markets gradually recede

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Fears in world markets gradually recede after the next wave of deleveraging of risk, which, however, was quite restrained. European stock markets went into positive territory, a U.S. futures are trading mostly in positive territory. Another resignation at the White house was taken by investors without panic taking fun of trump for granted.
Taking advantage of the situation, the Russian benchmarks are also trying to shake off the negative, hoping that after the presidential elections that will be held this Sunday, the situation stabiliziruemost. The pressure on the domestic market weakened somewhat, but still, one can hardly expect the rise in the indices in the context of the ongoing attacks of the West on Moscow.
Oil traded virtually unchanged, frozen in a tight range. The quotes try to keep a bullish bias – more on Brent is not capable of continued evasion from buying risky assets. The focus of the market is a level 65, a daily close above which would mark a small step on the way to new attempts to resume a more coherent growth.
The ruble is trading near one-month lows. The pair is testing local resistance in the area of 57,50 RUB, break of which will open the way to important areas 58-58,30 RUB, However, given the weakness of the dollar, modest buying in the oil market, the beginning of the tax period and the retreat of emotion on the wave of diplomatic conflict, the more significant breakthroughs on the ruble now fear is unlikely, although the risks for the currency and Russian assets in General remain.
Sergey Kostenko,
Investment analyst